Here is the difference between tankless water heaters and the water storage type of water heaters typically used in homes, condos and apartments. Tankless a.k.a. on-demand water heaters only consume energy when you turn on the hot water tap. The unit replaces the existing, conventional hot water storage tanks, so not only do you gain space, but also you have an energy savings of up to 60%. This represents about a 25% savings on your total monthly energy bill for the typical homeowner. That’s a lot of money!

Tankless water heaters only use energy when actually in use. Let’s say you took a 10 minute shower. The conventional hot water heater continued to use energy for about 30 minutes after you finished your shower. If you take a long enough shower, the person behind you might have to take a cold shower. No fun in the winter!

Electric demand water heaters usually have a money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty when installed by a licensed plumber and electrician. It is a one-time investment that saves you money forever.

So what about that big, ugly hot water heater tank that you have in your house? A tankless water heater is about 1/30th of the size, or about the size of a small backpack. Lose that tank and you gain a closet or space in your basement. And we all want more space, right?

It’s not just space that you gain, but energy bill savings, too. While you are reading this, your big, old water heater tank is working, using energy 24/7, to keep the water hot in the tank. Even if no one is using the hot water, even if no one is home, the water in that tank is losing heat just sitting there doing nothing. And so you are spending money needlessly to keep the water hot.

Another huge liability of conventional hot water heaters is that the tanks might rust through and begin leaking, flooding the area and causing damage.

Inline, ondemand hot water heaters use less energy and save you money.

Where to buy tankless ondemand water heaters:

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